As part of the new Pokemon Global Link, Poke Miles can earn you wonderful rewards, and they are fairly easy to generate.  All you have to do is run about the vast land of the Kalos region accumulating Poke miles as you travel.  Your total can then be viewed on the the Trainer Info menu.  That’s not the only way to rack up those hard earned miles either because mileage counts from trading Pokemon and Street Passing other players as well.  That number is configured depending on the distance between the two regions registered on the 3DS by its lonesome.

As to what your \”frequent flyer\” miles will net you, well, you can find that out by going to the Pokemon center in Lumiose City on South Boulevard.  Once there, you will find a retailer who will trade your Poke Miles for the following prizes:

-Berry Juice- 10 Poke Miles

-Ether- 120 Poke Miles

Full Heal- 30 Poke Miles

Full Restore- 300 Poke Miles

Hyper Potion- 60 Poke Miles

Max Potion- 125 Poke Miles

Max Repel- 125 Poke Miles

Max Revive- 400 Poke Miles

Moomoo Milk- 20 Poke Miles

PP Up- 1,000 Poke Miles

Rare Candy- 500 Poke Miles

Ultra Ball- 60 Poke Miles

There is also a 50% off discount coupon on all clothing stores across Kalos which makes decking out your trainer in your own personal style a lot easier.

What do you think of the Pokemon miles program? Vent or rant below.



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