Pokemon anime Ash's Pikachu wild Pichu backstory

Game Freak just launched Pokémon Sword and Shield on Switch, and a new anime is airing alongside the games. Each time a new episode airs, The Pokémon Company uploads it to YouTube. You can watch the first episode right now (in Japanese), and it’s quite the debut. This prequel story tells the tale of Ash’s Pikachu back when he was just a young Pichu living out in the wild. You can watch the backstory in its entirety by clicking below!

Backstory: Ash’s Pikachu as a wild Pichu

The Pokémon anime is back!

This episode was a pretty strong start for the new series. Most of the focus is on the origins of Ash’s Pikachu, but we also get a re-telling of Ash’s origins and the introduction of some new characters. It seems the new secondary protagonist had a life-changing encounter with a Mew on his first day.

Meanwhile, Pichu is dealing with the daily struggles of living in the wild, including predators like Ekans. Eventually, the adorable electric-type is adopted by a Kangaskhan and learns to love the life of the pouch. However, it can’t last forever, as we know he’s destined to become the world’s most famous Pikachu, traveling the globe with Ash Ketchum.


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