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Pokémon art director celebrates Star Wars Day with Darth Pika art

Pokémon art director James Turner makes Star Wars Day Pikachu Darth Pikachu art fan art Darth Pika may the fourth be with you

May the Fourth be with Pikachu! That’s what the art director of Pokémon, James Turner, is basically saying at least. Turner shared a fantastic image of a Pokémon and Star Wars cross-over creation that he’s put together to commemorate Star Wars Day. It features everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, and is somehow both cute and terrifying all at once — because it’s Darth Pika!

There’s a lot to look at in this May the Fourth / Star Wars Day piece. First, let’s talk about the fact that Darth Pika is a purple Pikachu, lending him an air of “darkness,” as if his body has been altered by the corrupting power of the Dark Side. (Because his adorable face is clearly full of evil.)

It’s also kind of alarming that Darth Pika has taken some chest augmentation at some point in the past, and then look at the tail, so charged with energy that it exists in a perpetual lightsaber-like state. Obviously this is a Dark Side Pikachu; otherwise it would have literally any other color for its tail. Jokes aside, James Turner has created a very cute and colorful creation to celebrate a love of Star Wars.

Would you like to see an official Star Wars X Pokémon cross-over?


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