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With all the fervor over Pokémon Sword and Shield, it’s easy to forget the series’ roots. When you look back at one of the initial titles, Pokémon Blue, it’s clear how far the games have come in terms of mechanics. One particular Twitch streamer remembers the past, though. Going by the handle GameChamp3k, they managed to do the nigh-impossible: beat Blue without taking one point of damage.

Pokémon Blue is one of the harder ones, too

Completing any RPG without getting hurt is almost incomprehensible. Also, the Pokémon titles have status effects like poison and confusion, which add to the herculean task of a no-damage run.

Here is how Reddit user u/BlackFenrir describes the GameChamp3k viewing experience:

It was ridiculous to watch. It was a lot of grinding Metapod, hours of back-and-forth biking with pokemon in the daycare, meticulous calculating of stats, making use of dumb AI programming and praying to the RNG gods for the 1-256 glitch not happening.

In other words, time-consuming!

All told, the run started November 17, 2019, and ended yesterday. It took a total of 222 hours.

Here are the final seconds of GameChamp3k’s playthrough, cementing their place in video game history:

Kudos to you, champion! I neither have the will or patience to do something so difficult. Especially since I never swap confused Pokémon out, and have them power through the self-inflicted damage, instead.

Enthusiasts, can you even imagine tackling Pokémon Blue in this way? What’s the biggest handicap you put on yourself while playing the series? Let us know your responses down below.

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