Pokemon Cafe Mix

In a somewhat inevitable crossover, The Pokémon Café in Japan has announced that some special dishes from Pokémon Café Mix will appear on its menu. The move from digital edibles to real-life dishes is set to take place in August, with no specific dates announced just yet.

This crossover event is also set to include a “special experience” for players who both play Pokémon Café Mix on mobile and have it on hand at the café. The details of this will be announced closer to the event dates. It’d be cool to see some in-game rewards given to players who visit the café. That would certainly serve as some good advertisement for The Pokémon Café, too.

Pokémon Café Mix

It’s been a busy few weeks for Pokémon. Just over a week ago, New Pokémon Snap was announced for Switch, to a great fan reception. This week, another Pokémon title was announced. Pokémon Unite is an upcoming MOBA set in the Pokémon universe. All we’ll say here is that this reveal didn’t meet with quite the same fan reaction.

A short teaser clip for the café crossover was posted on Twitter ahead of the event. Expect to see some edible Pokémon goodies crop up in The Pokémon Café soon. Would you try one of these?


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