Pokémon Center Halloween 2018 Collection

With Halloween just around the corner, Pokémon Center has released their adorable new line of Halloween-themed items and plushes up for preorder now. Fans can snap these up via Amazon Japan right now. The plush line is as incredibly cute this year as it was last year. Personally, I love the Halloween Pikachu as well as Mimikyu, and they would make great additions to any fan’s collection. Other plushes up for grabs includes Halloween versions of Pumpkaboo, Gengar, Mimikyu, Sylveon, and Ampharos.

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This year’s campaign for Pokémon Center Halloween 2018 was “Team Treat” or “Team Trick,” and the artwork released showcases this and also the other products available for purchase.

Team Treat Artwork

Team Trick Artwork

Clearly, a lot of detail went into both these works of arts and will look great in any true Pokémon collector’s home.

Other products part of the 2018 Halloween Collection:

  • Acrylic and Metal Charms
  • Cookies
  • A4 Clear File
  • B6 Double Ring Notebook We Are TEAM TREAT !
  • B6 Double Ring Notebook We Are TEAM TRICK !
  • Assorted Stickers We Are TEAM TREAT !
  • Mug with Lid We Are TEAM TREAT !
  • Transforming Mug We Are TEAM TRICK !
  • Drawstring Pouch We Are TEAM TREAT !
  • Drawstring Pouch We Are TEAM TRICK !

What do fans think of the overall look of this collection? Will you be checking this out? For those who don’t live in Japan, Nintendo NYC should have a small collection of these items, as well as the online store. Amazon Japan is, of course, another great way to order.


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