sgdq 2019 Pokémon Crystal by Keizaron

Keizaron’s Pokémon Crystal speedrun on June 25 was one of the most popular SGDQ 2019 runs thus far. Summer Games Done Quick is a week-long 24-hour charity livestream that highlights video game speedrunners every year. This year, all of the proceeds raised during the event will go to Doctors Without Borders.

The SGDQ 2019 Pokémon Crystal run was largely significant because of how much money it helped raise. SGDQ collected over $100,000 during Keizaron’s Pokémon Crystal speedrun alone. This money also allowed the event to meet seven incentives for later speedruns. One such incentive was a Pokémon Crystal run where glitches could be used. Pokeguy finished this glitched Crystal run in under 20 minutes following Keizaron’s block.

More about the SGDQ 2019 Pokémon Crystal speedrun

Keeping an audience entertained for an entire Pokémon Crystal speedrun is no easy task. The full glitchless run took just over three-and-a-half hours. Nevertheless, Keizaron found ways to keep viewers engaged during even the more grueling portions of the game.

In one section, Keizaron was forced to fight several low-level Team Rocket grunts, a portion of the story which did not make for fast, exciting gameplay. Quick on his feet, Keizaron made this portion of the show funnier by challenging the runners on the couch to a simultaneous speedrun. They complied, pulling out their Game Boys to see how quickly they could complete a glitched Pokémon Blue run. Eddaket even pulled out his Switch to practice for his upcoming Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu/Eevee! run on Saturday.

To add to the humor, these runners began to commentate their games even though the audience could only see Keizaron’s Crystal run. Shenanagan prompted laughs from the in-person crowd as he announced, “We’re coming up on our first glitch of the run. It’s called ‘Brock Through Walls.’”

Pokémon Crystal speedrunners rely on strategy more so than technical execution, much like other Pokémon runners. Players must be very precise with the amount of moves and items they use, as healing and shopping opportunities are limited during the run. In addition, Crystal speedrunners make use of only four Pokémon throughout the entire game: Raikou, Croconaw, Spearow, and Poliwag. This SGDQ 2019 Pokémon Crystal speedrun required Keizaron to effectively memorize the game in order to complete it (nearly) perfectly.

The Games Done Quick Twitch channel will continue to broadcast nonstop speedruns throughout the remainder of the week. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 will conclude on June 30.

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