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Episode 7 of Pokémon Evolutions just dropped, taking us to the Johto region. If you’re not familiar, this is a free, animated mini-series on YouTube. Eight episodes are planned in total, rolling out over a few months, and each one is set in a different region. In Episode 1, we saw the showdown between Leon and Eternatus. In Episode 2, Lillie and Nebby team up to battle against the powerful and destructive Necrozma. Episode 3 focused on the evil plans of Lysandre. In Episode 4, Ghetsis played puppet master with N’s life. In Episode 5, Barry faces off against his greatest rival: his dad. In Episode 6, Zinnia prepares to fulfill her destiny and summon Mega Rayquaza. In today’s episode, the Kimono Girls put on an incredible show! Check it out below.

Pokémon Evolutions Episode 7

The curtain rises on the Kimono Girls as they perform a tale of Johto’s Legendary Pokémon! Journey to Johto and discover secrets from this historic region in Pokémon Evolutions episode 7!

The Kimono Girls perform

Like last week’s episode, Pokémon Evolutions Episode 7 is beautifully animated! But instead of a battle, it’s an exciting history lesson. The Kimono Girls each have an evolved form of Eevee as a partner Pokémon, and they combine their powers for a brilliant performance. Learn all about the terrible night the Brass Tower burned to the ground and Lugia vanished. There’s also a hilarious scene where a trainer in the audience has to stop her Totodile from putting out the fire-based special effects. Overall, it was a delightful episode.

Episode release schedule

Over the past two months, we’ve seen seven episodes roll out, and the journey is almost over. The final episode airs next week on December 23. It is titled “The Discovery,” and it’s set in the Kanto region. We’re finally headed back to where it all began!

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