Pokémon sword and shield improved graphics

Pokémon Sword and Shield make a few changes to the standard series formula, some of them immensely unpopular – National Dex, anyone? Players recently flocked to Twitter to air their grievances about another aspect of the latest Pokémon Switch titles: the inexplicable twenty-minute timer on online battles. That’s where YouTuber pokeaimMD and the #BringBackTimer movement come into play. Check out their video below.

Normally, standard six-on-six battles within the series have been called at the end of a sixty-minute timer, but for some reason unknown to the logical world, Sword and Shield cut that time limit by two-thirds. With lengthy attack animations, this limit becomes untenable in online play, where players might see a match called even though only one Pokémon has been knocked out between the two squads.

Numerous members of the franchise’s community appear in the video in support of bringing back the sixty-minute timer. Additionally, a quick Twitter search will turn up tons and tons of tweets using the #BringBackTimer hashtag, citing premature battle endings and an inability to deploy lengthier gameplans. It is pretty clear that a large number of Sword and Shield players are dissatisfied with the games’ online component. The twenty-minute limit seems like something that Game Freak could very easily rectify, but know knows if that’s in the cards for the Pokémon developers or not.

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