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A 77-year-old woman in Spain was just fined for breaking lockdown procedure by going outside to “hunt Pokémon” in Pokémon GO. This is despite Niantic’s recent decision to make the game easier to play from home during the COVID-19 crisis, which has even more people than normal are looking for Pokémon and has resulted in a dramatic profits increase over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately, some folks just can’t be deterred by mandatory quarantines and lockdowns, including a few people who really need to be staying inside.

The news comes from a Redditor who shared a picture of the citation to the Pokémon GO subreddit. This situation is simply baffling. It’s a real triple whammy considering the facts that (1) this woman is 77-years-old and thus cannot risk catching the virus, (2) Spain has the fourth-most cases of COVID-19 in the world, and (3) this woman could have easily hunted for ‘mons from inside, thanks to Niantic’s recent changes. Stay inside, people.

Pokémon GO


In normal times, Pokémon GO is an addictive game that essentially functions as Niantic’s own personal mint, bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars per year and over $3 billion in gross revenue across its lifetime. With COVID-19 taking the world by storm, it’s become just one of many ways by which people pass the time during quarantine.

How have you been passing time during the COVID-19 crisis? Has Pokémon GO been part of the equation? Has your area entered lockdown procedures, or are things still business as usual? Let us know in the comments below…and stay inside, please.

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