This piece was written by Thomas Olson.

The second generation of Pokemon have been released last night and it seems the game has picked up in popularity again, at least for now.

The first few hours we were reminded of the early days of Pokemon Go’s launch earlier last year, with long loading times, disconnects once you are in game, and features just not really working correctly. I was able to get out and about and caught a couple of the new Pokemon though, I managed to get a Sentret and it seems it has taken over Rattata in being the overly common normal type Pokemon, and a Pilloswine which is an ice type Pokemon. Given that I was in the middle of no where in the countryside, I was quite surprised to find an Ice type there, but I won’t complain too much.

Today I have been out and about in the town centre and manage to pick up quite a few more. I’ve managed to find 31 of the 80 specices so far, with the most common finds being Natu, Murkrow, Wooper, Sentret and Hoothoot.

The update has also brought around some changes to your Pokemon’s attacks too. Dragonite’s staple of Dragon Breathe and Dragon Claw is no more, with Hurricane being the most optimum attack for the dragon type favourite.

It’s not clear at the moment how the new Pokemon will effect the gym fighting meta, we have got some insight into how powerful certain Pokemon will be, such as Blissy (Chancy’s evolved form) heading to be the defending gym Pokemon of choice.

One thing is for sure though, this update has injected new life into the global phenomenon and has seen older players returning too. I for one cannot wait to keep exploring this new generation of Pokemon and completing my Pokedex!

How excited are you for the new update? Or are you well and truely off the Pokemon Go hype train?

Let us know in the comments below!

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