Pokémon GO

It has now been over three years since Pokémon GO had its surreal day in the sun after its July 2016 launch. Everyone seems to have stories and memories from those first few weeks where the game broke into the mainstream and had all of us wandering around outside looking for Pokémon. While the game is nowhere near as big now as it was at first, it has maintained steady popularity. In a recent promotional trailer, The Pokémon Company shed some light on the full extent of that popularity by confirming that the game has surpassed a staggering one billion downloads worldwide.

The game has mostly shrunk out of the public eye, but it is still very much an active title with numerous community events. Right now, the community is reeling from numerous Team GO Rocket sightings and looking forward to the inception of a competitive scene with the very first Pokémon GO Invitational happening next month.

Pokémon GO is an unbelievable success. Last month, Niantic celebrated the title grossing $2.65 billion in its first three years, and now, their game has been downloaded over one billion times.

Do you make up one of those billion downloads? What memories have you made with Pokémon GO? Are you part of the active community? Let us know in the comments.


Andrew Rockett
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