Pokémon GO social media blackout
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It’s been quite the week for Pokémon GO fans. First, on Monday after weeks of teases, Team GO Rocket finally showed up in the game. Second, on Thursday they retreated into the shadows. Third, on Friday they invaded, vandalized, and mobbed New York City. And now we know that it’s not over thanks to the Pokémon GO social media pages.

At 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time, the official Pokémon GO Twitter account went dark. It’s still very much active, but the profile picture and cover photo are all black.

Pokémon GO social media blackout via Team GO Rocket

The Pokémon GO social media team also followed through on Facebook, with the game’s main and regional pages all in black.

Pokémon GO social media blackout

They’ve also posted some images that are all black. However, as we’ve learned from Metallica, black on black can still give you information.

Look closely and you can see some Team GO Rocket-related silhouettes and the numbers 7/28. This almost certainly points to a major event this coming Sunday.

Team GO Rocket Grunts

Team GO Rocket

Pokémon GO social media blackout

Finally, a live video was updated at 12:00 a.m. ET on Saturday, counting down to some kind of broadcast. Occasionally, Team GO Rocket members’ faces appear on screen! Sometimes they seem to laugh malevolently, and once, we saw a woman make mocking faces at us.

What do you think it could all mean? Was Team GO Rocket’s conquest of New York a taste of things to come? Will they take over every PokéStop in the world? Have you been as blown away by the Pokémon GO social media and viral advertising as I have? Let us know!

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