Pokémon GO Battle League online PvP

Pokémon GO is all about the slow burn. The game has been around for three years, and we’re only starting to see monsters from Generation 5 now. When the game launched in the summer of 2016, it lacked many core features of a Pokémon game, such as trading, battling, and Mewtwo. Over time they added Pokémon and features alike. The next big change coming to how we play Pokémon GO is going to be online PvP with GO Battle League.

How does one enter the GO Battle League? By walking, of course. Once players have logged enough distance, they’ll be able to enter the League and take place in an online PvP mode where they’ll face other people from around the world. Niantic hopes to foster an environment of competition when it comes to trainers rising through the ranks, making Pokémon battles a much larger part of the Pokémon GO experience.

Niantic has a special Dev Insights video “coming soon” and has slated the update for early 2020.

I like to joke around about how long it takes things to come to Pokémon GO. But with all the cool things the developers have in store for the next few months: more Unova Pokémon, Niantic Wayfarer, and now a new battle mode, it seems like they’re making their already great game even better at a good rate.

How about you? Will you be the very best in GO Battle League? Like no one ever was? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear


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