Pokemon GO looks to bring a whole new dynamic to the series. Aside from being on mobile devices, Pokemon GO will also bring the “real world” into Pokemon battling. In a recent interview with Game Freak’s Junichi Masuda, he spoke about the game briefly:

Amongst other things, this year will see the launch of Pokémon Go – a groundbreaking mobile game that will encourage fans to search far and wide in the real world to discover Pokémon. Players will be able to catch, trade, and battle in the real world by utilizing location information.

I have been involved personally in the project. It is a game where players can search, trade and battle Pokémon in the real world. I think Pokémon Go will bring about a new kind of experience, different from that of existing Pokémon titles, allowing players to explore their own neighborhoods, searching for Pokémon together with their friends. It is in this way that we hope that Pokémon Go, which will be released in 2016, will provide new enjoyment to our fans.

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