Original Stitch Newsed Pokémon keychains leftover fabric

Earlier this year, the Pokémon and Original Stitch collaboration expanded to include polo shirts in its clothing line. That means that the joint venture delivers buttoned shirts and polo shirts with numerous Pokémon-themed designs for fans. However, one of the unfortunate side effects of shirt manufacturing is wasted fabric, and it’s no different for Pokémon and Original Stitch. Now, the companies have found a solution — and it includes free keychains. Toward that end, enter a third company: Newsed.

Newsed is an up-cycle brand that takes unwanted goods and turns them into other products. For Pokémon, the company will create unique keychains that ship with existing Pokémon and Original Stitch products. The first 2,000 orders placed from Sept. 25 at the official collaboration website get these keychains at no extra charge.

A collage image shows the types of keychains customers will receive, and they look pretty neat. As of writing, the message about free keychains still pops up on the website, so we assume the 2,000 free orders are yet to be fulfilled.

Pokémon Original Stitch

To accompany the announcement, Original Stitch has released another episode of its shirt-making documentary series. This clip goes over the process that Newsed goes through in forming these Pokémon keychains. The rest of the series, going over different aspects of the Pokémon and Original Stitch collaboration, is on YouTube.

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