Buried amongst all the awesome Super Smash Bros. Ultimate news today, was perhaps some bad news for Pokémon fans. According to the Japanese and Korean Nintendo eShops, Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee will not support the Pro Controller. First Super Mario Party, and now this. This is not the greatest news for fans of the Pro Controller.

The logical explanation behind this is perhaps the fact that the game does rely heavily on motion controls, as Pokémon Let’s Go encourages players to use a throwing motion to capture Pokémon just as they would in Pokémon GO. Nintendo did confirm that the game can be played without motion controls, so it is odd to see the Pro Controller not supported.

What’s your Verdict?

Players will have the choice to use either the Joy-Con controllers or the new Poké Ball Plus controller. Which will you be using? I hope the lack of Pro Controller support doesn’t continue to be a trend for Nintendo. The controller is so great and reliable, so it’s sad to see it not supported in big games. Are you disappointed by this decision? Be sure to share all your thoughts in the comments down below!


Veronica Carusi
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