Pokémon Masters EX will be app’s new name, anniversary update explains

A message from the Pokémon Masters team on its one-year anniversary reveals it will be renamed Pokémon Masters EX, among other details. champion stadium 6-star ex sync pairs update

A special one-year anniversary video message reveals that Pokémon Masters will become Pokémon Masters EX following an anniversary update on Aug. 27. The change will be a way to both commemorate the update and to emphasize the new experiences the game has to offer. New 6-star EX Sync Pairs and the Champion Stadium will also be part of the update.

6-star EX Sync Pairs and Champion Stadium

Six-star EX Sync Pairs offer a new way to strengthen your Sync Pairs to surpass 5-star. These new, more powerful pairs can wear different, swappable outfits in battle. At first, only a few Sync Pairs will be able to reach six stars in Pokémon Masters EX, but eventually the other Sync Pairs will be able to reach 6-star. The first Sync Pair that will be able to reach 6 stars is Sygna Suit Red and Charizard, with Sygna’s new suit matching Mega Charizard X.

As for the new Champion Stadium, all players will get 3,000 Gems as a token of thanks from the developers. The stadium’s first event, the Kanto Challenge, will have players facing off against Kanto’s Elite Four and its champion, Blue. For this event you’ll need to organize 15 Sync Pairs to fight five consecutive three-on-three battles.

If that doesn’t sound like enough of a challenge, then you could try the stadium’s Hard mode. This mode changes the type weaknesses of each member of the Elite Four weekly. Other regions will be added to the Pokémon Masters EX Champion Stadium later.

Upcoming events

The legendary event called New World Dilemma is currently underway, focusing on Sinnoh region trainers and Palkia. On Aug. 19, there will be a new Legendary Arena for Latios as well. However, over the course of the anniversary update, there will be three special events to take part in.

On Aug. 27, there’s the Training with Legends solo event where you battle powerful Sync Pairs. On Sept. 2, there’s the Grass, Fire, and Water-Type Egg Event, where you’ll be able to get eggs that hatch into Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. This opens the game up, since previously a player would only have one of these Pokémon from an egg. These particular eggs can also hatch Pokémon with different move sets. And lastly, the Family Ties story event on Sept. 9 is about helping a family you meet in the game bond as they compete in a tournament.

After just one year, the game already has a huge amount of content to offer new and current players. We’ll keep you up to date with where the developers are taking it next.


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