Pokemon Nanoblock

Another solid set of Pokémon nanoblock figures are set to release later this year. This time around, retail listings in Japan unveiled a series of nanoblocks based on popular flying type ‘mons. The nanoblocks will appear in randomized packs, where fans will receive one of six popular flying type Pokémon: Pidgey, Aerodactyl, Doduo, Emolga, Butterfree, or Corviknight.

Pre-orders are not open yet, but will eventually go live on Amazon Japan. When that happens, fans around the world will be able to roll the dice and try to land their favorite flying type Pocket Monster.

For smaller Lego-like sets, most of the deings are pretty convincing, but some are definitely better than others within this set. I think that Pidgey, Butterfree, and Doduo look the most recognizable out of this set. Aerodactyl and Emolga look pretty good as well. Unfortunately, Corviknight is a bit of a dissapointment – they sort of look like a blue banana.

Do you have any Pokémon nanoblock figures in your collection, such as the snazzy Lucario that released last year? Will you try to snag any of the latest line of flying tyoe ‘mons if you get the chance? How do you like this latest set of nanoblock designs? Let us know in the comment section below.


Andrew Rockett
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