Pokémon Nanoblock sets

Pokémon fans have no shortage of merchandise to choose from, but more options are always nice. Especially the buildable kind. Fans in Japan will soon be able to bolster their Pocket Monster collections with Nanoblock iterations of Galarian Ponyta and Lucario. The duo is set to become available in Japan in September of this year, joining previously announced Galarian ‘mons like Farfetch’d and Slowpoke.

The sets appear pretty small, but each Pokémon is comprised of a respectable number of pieces. Ponyta rings in at 200 blocks and is marked at a three out of five-peg difficulty level. While Lucario hits the same three out of five-peg difficulty mark, he’s only made up of 160 blocks.

These Pokémon Nanoblock sets are pretty affordable as well, unlike certain trading cards affiliated with the series. Ponyta will set buyers back 1,300?, or about $12. Lucario, meanwhile, is a little bit cheaper at 1,100? , which equates to about $10.

Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation of a worldwide release for either new Pokémon Nanoblock set. If you really need to assemble a Nanoblock Ponyta or Lucario, you should keep an eye out for them in specialty stores once they release. According to our pals at Siliconera, Pokémon Nanoblocks have appeared in such places in the past.


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