Pokémon Pink

Back in 1998, an enhanced version of the original Pokémon titles, Pokémon Yellow, launched. The game added some elements from the anime to the base adventure, including Team Rocket and a Pikachu who followed you around. Players thought this was the only special edition of Pokémon to release on the Game Boy. However, a recent datamine suggests a possible complement was planned for the title, and it might have been called Pokémon Pink.

Pokémon Pink means a salmon-colored cartridge could have come to be

Twitter user @DrLavaYT, a prominent Pokémon fanatic known for tracking down cut content, reported their findings on some Pokémon Yellow source code that recently came to light.

Pokémon Pink

According to the above image, a “pink package” was in the works at some point over at Game Freak. Seeing as how Clefairy and Jigglypuff are the most famous pink critters from the series, one of them could have been the poster child for the companion of Pokémon Yellow.

Also of note are the audio files uncovered in the data dump. It seems other Pokémon were going to have anime voices besides Pikachu in Yellow. But the yellow rat sounds like a garbled mess on the Game Boy. It probably would have been even more of a strain to include other pocket monsters.

Enthusiasts, would you have purchased a theoretical Pokémon Pink? Let us know below!

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