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Pokémon Sword and Shield have barely been out for  a weekend, but fans have already come up with absurd ways to enjoy the games, including one that involves putting all of your chips on Wooloo, the adorably round sheep Pokémon. One Twitter user, Celvx, recently completed Pokémon Shield with nothing but their beloved Wooloo.

On a Reddit post about their journey, Celvx had a lot to say about how they had to strategize in order to advance past certain story battles that just simply were not build to be conquered with a Wooloo. Check out the tweet below, for example, and be amazed by Wooloo putting the finishing blow to the unbeatable Leon’s Charizard.

On the most challenging parts of their Wooloo playthrough, Celvx said:

Hardest fight was undoubtedly Raihan. Given the double battles format, I was forced to bring along a second pokemon, which I opted to be a Magikarp that spammed splash. His Gigalith and Duradulon both knowing fighting type moves didn’t help the whole 1v2 situation but after ~7 or 8 attempts, I was successful in defeating him.

Celvx ran into additional obstacles, but thanks to TMs like Payback and their resolve in grinding up to level 100, Celvx prevailed. A Wooloo% run is probably one of the most creative means of playing Pokémon Shield that I will ever come across, but I’m completely on board with it. What about you?


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