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Pokémon Red and Green voted most popular in franchise in Japan poll

Pokémon Red and Green voted most popular in franchise in Japan poll Japanese poll

Japanese website Goo Ranking conducted a poll throughout June seeking to find the most popular Pokémon game among Japanese fans. Surprisingly, to me at least, the original Pokémon Red and Green were the most popular. Internationally, the games released as Pokémon Red and Blue.

The vote ran between June 7 and June 21, and a total of 1,388 votes were taken, with the results organized into a lengthy chart. The top 10 most popular Pokémon games in Japan as calculated by this poll are as follows:

  1. Pokémon Red and Green
  2. Pokémon X and Y
  3. Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
  4. Pokémon Gold and Silver
  5. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
  6. Pokémon Black and White
  7. Detective Pikachu
  8. Pokémon Platinum
  9. Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver
  10. Pokémon Yellow

A total 63 Pokémon games (not including pairs like Red and Green) appeared in the poll results. Several more obscure games tied for last place with apparently one vote each.

Given that the most popular Pokémon games are the ones that fans have been playing the longest, Pokémon Red and Green seems like a logical duo to come out on top. However, Pokémon Sword and Shield probably have the widest reach in terms of player base, yet they don’t appear in the top 10 here. Those games placed just outside the top 10, tied for 12th with Pokémon Sun and Moon.

What do you think? Let us know your favorite Pokémon games in the comments.


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