Pokémon Sapphire glitch betta fish

Ever since the popularity of Twitch Plays Pokémon, we’ve seen some crazy ways of playing old games. One of the more interesting methods I’ve seen is letting a pet betta fish control the player’s actions using a camera and special software that triggers game inputs according to where the fish swims in its tank. While that is pretty cool in itself, what really makes this story newsworthy is what happened next: The animal found an unknown glitch in Pokémon Sapphire, almost 18 years after the game came out. Check out the video here (glitch at the 1:55 mark):

YouTuber Mutekimaru Channel has been chronicling his pets playing through Pokémon Sapphire for a few months now. About a week ago, however, one of them stumbled upon something interesting. When pushing the boulders for the Seafloor Cavern puzzle, if you go to a different area in the room while solving it, moving one of the rocks will result in the obstacle getting duplicated. This makes the puzzle impossible to solve without resetting the area.

No one has discovered this particular glitch before it seems, and while I doubt it will help the speedrunning community one bit, it’s still a pretty cool find. Congrats to Lala the betta fish for uncovering a previously unknown secret in the Pokémon world.


Dominick Ashtear


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