Pokémon Sword and Shield flying clip walls exploit

Pokémon games are known for their exploits. Ever since players duplicated the sixth item in their bags in Pokémon Red and Blue/Green, there’s been at least one notable bug in every game that can help people do things the developers never intended. It’s no wonder, then, that folks have been breaking Pokémon Sword and Shield basically since day one. YouTuber BLAINES discovered one of the more interesting ones, an exploit that has a ton of potential for speedrunners and the like. It involves berries, time travel, and clipping through rocks. And at the end of it, you might even fly.

To pull off this Pokémon Sword and Shield glitch, you’ll need a good tree. The one on Route 3 will do. It’s got lots of berries, nice scenery, and most importantly, rocks. Once you’re set up, go into a ranked battle, enter it, then run and forfeit. Then when you’re out of the battle, go to the Switch home screen, and move the day one forward. Shake the berries out of the tree until you wind up in a battle. You’ll repeat this process until you clip into the wall behind the tree. Check out the video above for the exact placement.

Now here’s where the fun begins. You can travel through the walls and even take a stroll through the road. So long as you don’t declip, you’re good. At certain areas you can even fly through the air on your bike! The spirit of E.T. lives on. Unfortunately, you can’t just take off into the air and fly freely. There are limits that need to be tested. Still, the glitch is brand new, so it’s ripe for playing around with. I’m sure speedrunners will find a way to clip and fly to the end credits within 30 seconds sooner or later.

Are you excited to fly across (certain specific parts of) Galar? Do you have fond memories of surfing along Cinnabar Island’s coast? Let us know!


Dominick Ashtear


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