Pokémon Sword and Shield File Size

Previous reports that Pokémon Sword and Shield‘s file size is going to be 10.3 GB are apparently inaccurate, or at least outdated. Since the preload for the games is now available in Japan, we now know that the final file size is 9.5 GB. However, this still puts it well over double the size of Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. Sword and Shield come out in just over two weeks from now on Nov. 15, and we can also confirm it will not support cloud saves.

This new info puts Pokémon Sword and Shield slightly below some recent releases for file size. Astral Chain narrowly tops it at 9.6 GB, while Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes in at 11 GB. Luigi’s Mansion and Link’s Awakening come in below at 6.3 GB and 5.5 GB respectively. It’s good to remember that file size usually says next to nothing about graphical fidelity or overall game quality, but it’s fun to compare them.

If you’re buying a Switch just for Pokémon, then you won’t have to run out and get an SD card just yet, but this will push the internal storage. With the preload available soon, you’ll be ready to start the Galar journey as soon as the game launches. Early purchase bonuses like free Quick Balls and a Meowth with the ability to Gigantamax aren’t tied to preorders, but its best to get in early if you care about those things.


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