Pokémon Unite

In the public eye, Pokémon Unite is off to a, well, controversial start to say the least. Many were hyped up for yesterday’s presentation after the promise of big news. Following so close on the heels of last week’s presentation, which came with the long-awaited reveal of New Pokémon Snap, lots of us thought that yesterday’s content would hold some pretty big news. A Pokémon MOBA is big news for a few reasons, including a partnership with Tencent and the fact that it’s potentially a way for the franchise to secure a foothold in China by utilizing the country’s preferred genre. Still, Pokémon Unite is not what fans wanted, and the internet is a fickle place. Expressing their collective disapproval, over 150,000 viewers left a dislike on the announcement video, which you can below if you are so inclined.

Other Pokémon Unite videos are currently sitting under an avalanche of dislikes, including the UK presentation and a trailer for the game. A substantial portion of Pokémon fans are clearly unhappy. At the very least, this recent announcement suffered from poor communication by The Pokémon Company. After all, they just revealed a follow-up to Pokémon Snap, and then immediately stated that they have another announcement so big that it requires its own video. Fans were expecting something worthy of attention that couldn’t be spared for something as beloved as Pokémon Snap, and for many of them, a mobile MOBA clearly does not fit the bill.


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