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Earlier today we reported on a fan who recreated the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl map in Animal Crossing. That’s got me craving a Gen 4 remake… even more than usual. However, I can’t help but remember that Game Freak hinted the Let’s Go games could become a series. Many have suggested in the past that the Let’s Go style could be used for future remakes, introducing Pokémon GO players to the classics. However, many people would certainly prefer a more traditional remake. Would you buy a Sinnoh remake in the Let’s Go style?

Sinnoh remake in the Let’s Go style

For me, the answer is a begrudging yes. I had a fantastic time with Let’s Go, Eevee, despite some glaring flaws. Those inconsistent and frustrating motion controls need to be completely optional, not forced on TV players. I’m also not sure what was up with all those changes to how stats and EVs work, but it made for a strange competitive scene. However, once I got used to it, I didn’t really mind the absence of wild Pokémon battles. Catch Combos made level-grinding a lot simpler. If that’s the compromise it takes to get a Sinnoh remake on Switch, then I’m okay with that.

That said, I still think a traditional Sinnoh remake makes more sense than using the Let’s Go style. It made sense to try something new when revisiting the Kanto region because veteran players have already been there more times than we can count. It was also the perfect starting point for Pokémon GO players. But we haven’t been back to Sinnoh in a long time. Gens 1, 2, and 3 all got standard remakes, and Gen 4 should as well.

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