Pokemon Pokémon x Nature x Adventure themed project teased

The Pokémon Company is teasing a new project with a “Pokémon x Nature x Adventure” theme. We got a peek at what’s coming in a live-action teaser trailer that was released in Japan.

Since we didn’t get an English announcement, the project is likely to be Japan-only. The trailer shows various artisans working on different crafts. Someone even makes a Metapod out of leaf blades, and the message “coming soon” is at the end.

Here’s the announcement tweet for the project:

“Preparations for a new project with a ‘Pokémon x Nature x Adventure’ theme are underway!

Details will be released soon, so stay tuned!”

The Pokémon Company doesn’t use live-action trailers to tease games, so the project is unlikely for a new game title. However, we’ve seen live-action trailers for stuff like Pokémon Sleep and the toothbrushing app Pokémon Smile. So there’s a good chance for a QOL-related project or something along those lines.

While it probably doesn’t mean anything, it’s worth noting that the trailer mostly shows prominent craftsmanship from an older period in Japan. If we’re talking about old Japan, we could make one connection with Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The game is set in a bygone era of Sinnoh’s history that looks a lot like feudal Japan, so perhaps the new project will be related to the upcoming title somehow. In any case, The Pokémon Company will reveal the project soon.

You can also watch the teaser trailer in the YouTube upload below:


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