As promised, the Pokemon Company has released the entire Pokemon X and Y soundtrack up on iTunes. You can get a single track for 99 cents, or get all 212 tracks for $ 9.99.

That’s right, for a little less than a dollar you can get the entire soundtrack for iTunes. If you may not remember, this was originally promised by Junichi Masuda earlier this year in the Pokemon Video Game Championships.

A cursory look at the album makes it clear this is the complete soundtrack, with no changes in the individual tracks. Some of the tracks are less than a minute long, and some have different credits. For example, all the Battle theme variations are credited to both Junichi Masuda (who started in Game Freak as a composer) and Shota Kageyama. Overall, the album is three and a half hours long.

Japan will be receiving a physical disc copy of the album tomorrow, with bonus tracks and a 28 page supplementary booklet. Don’t look a gift Pokemon in the mouth though, $ 10 for three hours of music is a great deal any way you look at it. Click through for the iTunes link here.

@Junichi_Masuda Thanks for releasing Pokemon X Y OST on iTunes as promised! $ 10 is so cheap!!!

— Doughboy Badabedabap (@plsburydoughboy) November 12, 2013


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