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The modding scene is fascinating. Gamers modify existing titles and appliances to wonderful results. But what if someone was clever enough to take an existing console and make it portable by using parts of the system? Twitter user @Tw_Meigen_bot managed to do just that and created a portable SNES out of a SNES.

I’d pay good money for a portable SNES

Check out a video of the reassembled Super Famicom (Super Nintendo for people outside of Japan):

It looks large and unwieldy. Also, the Super Famicom controller was never meant to be melded into the console. Frankenstein’s monster can probably sympathize with the accessory’s plight.

Regardless of how big and uncomfortable this conglomeration looks to carry around, it works. The person in the clip is playing Final Fantasy V on a compact screen. They’d probably get weird stares if they took the device outside on the street, but it’s still an impressive technical feat. I’d like to see my personal fave, Chrono Trigger, up and running next!

Retro enthusiasts, what are your thoughts regarding the portable SNES? Would you pay someone to create such a tool for you? Or is the Switch your go-to way of experiencing the classics? Let us know how you utilize nostalgia below.

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