Do you remember hearing about a Sonic the Hedgehog movie being made? It’s going to be a mix of CGI and live-action? With Jim Carrey as Dr. Robotnick? IGN has first dibs on the poster for the upcoming film. Let’s see what information we can glean from it!

He’s been working out

Looking at the photo above, one thing is immediately clear: Sonic has some muscles! I guess he has been hitting the gym and not chomping down on chili dogs. Is the Werehog from Sonic Unleashed making his film debut? Whatever the case may be, Sonic looks terrifying.

Additionally, this film is coming from the producer of The Fast and the Furious?! How did I not know this? Putting that guy (Neal H. Moritz) in charge of this particular video game franchise is the most genius move ever. Cars go fast, Sonic goes fast. Brilliant.

It also appears that Sonic the Hedgehog will premiere on November 08, 2019. Looks like the only thing not going fast is this movie’s production.

What are your thoughts, readers? Are you like me and believe “A whole new speed of hero” is a very clever pun? Frightened to see Sonic’s face reveal? Let us know down below in the comment field.

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