Nintendo Switch Joy-Con drift lawsuit

For all of the positive publicity the now very popular Switch system has generated for Nintendo since 2017, it’s also caused some controversy. One main negative point that has been consistently brought up about the Switch for almost its entire lifecycle up to this point is what has been dubbed as the “Joy-Con drift problem.”

This issue is characterized by the analog stick of a Joy-Con (typically the left) moving, or “drifting” off into a direction without any input from the user. There have been many methods of fixing it (the most common being to use electronic contact cleaner), with Nintendo even having a dedicated page in the Support section of its website offering advice on how to fix it. However, that’s as far as the company has gone in terms of acknowledging that there’s a problem. Nintendo has never really commented on the matter, nor has it made any visible changes to the Joy-Con’s design to fix this flaw which seems to be at a factory level.

Dropping the ban hammer?

As a result of the company’s apparent negligence, many Switch owners have reported having the issue. Even I first encountered it with my left Joy-Con around the end of 2018. Due to the popularity of the problem, this has led to Chimcles Schwartzkriner & Donaldson law firm to post a survey on its website for Switch owners in the USA to fill out if they’ve experienced the Joy-Con drift issue. If enough data is gathered from this survey, the firm will file a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo for its failure to formally address such a huge matter during the long period of time that it has been occurring.

As of right now, Nintendo Co Ltd. nor Nintendo of America has yet to release a statement.


A.K Rahming
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