Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 2.0 update cross-play, spectator mode nway

The Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 2.0 update has arrived from developer nWay, and it brings welcome additions. For starters, it brings true and complete cross-play for the game across Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and — at last — PlayStation 4, with new lobbies of up to eight people possible. Additionally, there is a Spectator Mode now to watch other players’ matches, useful when you’d rather not sit doing nothing in a queue in-between tournament matches.

A couple more highlights of the 2.0 update are the new “Planet Earth: Tower arena” and a revamped user interface. The new trailer for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid 2.0 doesn’t do the greatest job in the world of showcasing new features. Rather, it feels more like a general victory lap from nWay, saying, “See? If you just waited long enough, this became a fully featured game!”

I don’t mean to knock the game or nWay though; I’m a longtime lover of the Power Rangers franchise and enjoy to see it flourish. So to reiterate, Battle for the Grid now flaunts the following:

  • 18 Rangers & villains across generations
  • 9 arenas across iconic locations
  • 4 Megazords (Ultras)
  • Original story: a reimagining of the Shattered Grid event
  • Voice overs by original cast

If you haven’t bought Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid yet, 2.0 might be the time to make the plunge. The standard edition is only $19.99, whereas the Digital Collector’s Edition is $39.99 and includes all the Season 1 Pass content, plus a couple other bonuses. The Season 2 Pass must seemingly be bought separately in any case.


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