Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid free DLC characters Dragon Armor Trini Udonna Cenozoic Blue Ranger

Hot off of the Switch release of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid back on March 26, developer nWay has now revealed three free DLC characters that will be part of the game’s big first update. Dragon Armor Trini, Udonna, and Cenozoic Blue Ranger will be joining the fight “soon.” And to be clear, these characters are not part of the game’s paid “Season One” DLC.

Like the rest of the game’s roster, these feel like really random picks to me — but not necessarily unwelcome ones. A (dead) Power Ranger from the recent film adaptation is a quirky but appreciable pick to be sure. Udonna is a fine selection for those who liked Mystic Force. But Dragon Armor Trini, another character from the new comic book adaptation? Frankly, I don’t get it. A Power Rangers video game does not need to include so much representation of a brand new comic book when there are just so many freakin’ seasons of actual Power Rangers television to choose from.

Anyway, stay tuned as the Nintendo Enthusiast review of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is coming soon!


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