Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid megazord ultras Goldar Green Ranger Magna Defender

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is the most exciting video game to happen to this IP in eons, which isn’t saying much, but it’s still cause of cautious celebration. A new gameplay trailer shows off slick moves from Goldar, Jason, Tommy, Kat, Gia, Magna Defender, and three characters pulled from the comic books: Lord Drakkon, Mastodon Sentry, and Ranger Slayer. But the craziest thing shown off in this trailer? You can use Megazord ultra attacks, and it’s as stupid fun as it sounds!

Yeah, so it seems Megazord ultra attacks literally consist of a giant foot (or tail) just hilariously crashing down on everything and smashing stuff. Many always wondered why the Power Rangers never resorted to this solution in the first place. (The canon reason is because they swore an oath never to escalate a battle unnecessarily, of course.) At any rate, it’s amusing.

I continue to be surprised by the amount of content in Battle for the Grid that is being drawn from the new comic books though. Developer nWay is really looking to tap into the hardcore fanbase, it seems, and not just the people who might get swept up in the nostalgia of seeing Goldar on screen. I applaud nWay for their daring.

But mostly, I just continue to desperately hope that this game is good.


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