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Back when nWay Games first announced Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, they mentioned that a Season Pass would come with the game. Today, nWay revealed the content for that season pass with a brand new trailer. Players who buy the Season One Pass will receive an exclusive costume and three new characters, two of which are available right now.

Trey of Triforia is the Gold Zeo Ranger from Power Rangers Zeo. He is a lord of the planet Triforia and the first Gold Ranger introduced in the franchise. After he was split into three different bodies, Jason, the original Red Ranger, took over duties as the Gold Zeo Ranger. In Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, the series Power Rangers Zeo took footage from, Trey’s counterpart was Riki, a child-like hero from 600 million years ago.

Jen Scotts, the Pink Time Ranger, is from Power Rangers Time Force. Jen is a Time Force officer from the year 3000. She and her team had to go back in time to the year 2001 to capture the criminal Ransik before he changes the course of history. Jen is currently the only Pink Ranger to canonically lead a Power Ranger team. Yuri, Jen’s counterpart from Mirai Sentai Timeranger, is largely the same character.

The final character, Lord Zedd, will be added to the game at a later date. Lord Zedd was introduced back in the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, where he described himself as the Emperor of Evil and forcefully took control of Rita Repulsa’s moon castle. Lord Zedd stands as one of the few Power Rangers characters without a direct Super Sentai counterpart.

A great game, if a bit barren

David Giltinan reviewed Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid for us upon release. He gave it a 7/10, pointing out that the gameplay was smooth and easy to jump into. However, the barebones presentation left him wanting more. While the base game was indeed barebones, nWay has been very good with adding post-launch content. They previously added three post-launch characters — Udonna, Dragon Armor Trini and the Cenozoic Blue Ranger — completely for free.

You can grab the entire Season One Pass for $14.99. Alternatively, you can buy Jen, Trey, and Lord Zedd individually for $6.99. However, only those that purchase the season pass will receive an exclusive Dragon Shield costume for Jason Lee Scott. You can more about the game at its official site, as well.

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