I\’d like to point you all towards another dedicated Nintendo blog – POWER UP. The site is run by Sknygy, another IGN boards \”alumni\” like myself. If you already recognize the name then you probably also know his brother BigWomble, also of IGN fame. POWER UP makes a great companion site to The Nintendo Enthusiast because we skew in a slightly different direction. POWER UP covers the latest news as it breaks, reviews the latest games, and very often has other features, such as hands-on impressions from gaming shows and the like. The Nintendo Enthusiast, on the other hand, focuses more towards features and articles filled with discussion, creative thought, philosophical panderings, and analyses. Basically, POWER UP is where you go to get the critical information, and the articles on The Nintendo Enthusiast will be the things you think about in the shower or on your bed before you go to sleep.

Please give a peek at our friend- POWER UP.


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