It’s a sad day for those of us who grew up relying heavily on physical video game strategy guides. Prima Games, one of the biggest players, is done after 28 years in the business. Its parent company DK stated that it was not an easy choice to make to shut down production on its various strategy guides. Operations are slated to end by Spring 2019.

People just aren’t buying these guides as much. You will also find that today, a lot of the information is readily available online. There is something to be said however about picking up a guide that came with a sweet physical bonus like a poster, a figure, or even something for you to physically wear like a necklace (e.g., the Tomb Raider guide). I really want to take this opportunity to thank Prima for being such a huge part of my childhood; I actually would read these guides cover to cover before even playing the game!

I myself own a lot of Prima guides and they were quite helpful in the past and in recent years. Now those will become nothing more than collector’s items. While no new guides will be taken on, they are finishing what is already on their production agenda. Fans who grew up with Prima Games like myself are probably shocked but not surprised by this news. We here at Nintendo Enthusiast wish all the employees at Prima Games good luck in their future career endeavors.


Tarah Bleier


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