Feast your eyes!

A new video has emerged online of Project CARS, the breathtaking indie racing game coming from Slightly Mad Studios.

What’s so special about this video you ask? It gives the world the first look at what the Wii U version of Project CARS might look like. The video has been taken from a specially omptimised PC replicating the Wii U’s specifications, which is not a perfect match but just a good indication of what we can expect. For a game that is well known for it’s beautiful graphics, the Wii U version seems to hold up.

Project CARS is currently in development for several platforms including the Wii U. The game’s funding was raised by the developers and the community surrounding the game itself. Through the purchase of Tool Packs, players can contribute to the development of the game including roles in creation, QA and marketing. The game is currently scheduled to launch in November 2014.


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