The Project M Backroom has released the official trailer for the latest version of Project M, a mod of Super Smash Bros. Brawl that changes aspects of the game to make it not only different from vanilla Brawl, but more similar to its predecessor, Melee.

This new trailer features a bunch of characters making their first Project M appearances, plus the addition of new stages, modes, costumes, and much more.

According to a r/smashbros AMA with the video editor of the trailer, PMBR member Warchamp7 comments on the upcoming release of Project M 3.0, which will be made available December 9th:

Firstly, 3.0 is by no means the end. We still wanna polish up other areas of the game like the SSE and get that all working fine. On top of that, we still have a few clone slots that we\’re able to use.

Will Project M ever be \’finished\’ and no longer updated? Certainly. How long until that day is yet to be determined.

You can find out more information about the Project M 3.0 trailer, including how to download the free demo, by checking out the official website.


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