Project Nimbus: Complete Edition on Nintendo Switch May 16

I know we’re supposed to believe in the saying, “Everything in moderation,” but I am adamant that there is no such thing as having too many giant robots. Mercifully, publisher GameTomo and developer GameCrafterTeam are helping out with that as they bring Project Nimbus: Complete Edition to Nintendo Switch on May 16 worldwide. The game is about fast-paced mech action on the ground, in the sky, and in outer space.

This is an upgraded version of Project Nimbus never seen in the west before. Most notably, it features an enhanced Survival mode and “Warfront.” Both modes involve battling endlessly against enemies, but Warfront also adds objectives to the mix. A new trailer is available, and it’s looking pretty slick to me.

Per PR solicitation, check out a feature list for this mech slugfest below:

  • High-speed battle action, piloting heavily armored Battle Frames through the war torn skies.

  • Twenty-six missions in a variety of locations, including floating cities, ocean fortresses, mountain bases, futuristic prisons, and battles in space.

  • Over a dozen playable Battle Frames with weapons including smart missiles, energy blades, particle cannons, floating energy shields, railguns and autonomous psychodrones.

  • A sprawling storyline with battles between three different factions over a war-torn futuristic planet: the US-lead CFN, the Russia-led UCN, and the shadowy terrorist Children of Fallen Nations.

  • Complex bosses each with a unique fighting style, including orbiting nuclear battle mechs, bands of deadly pilots, and weaponized flying ships.

  • Missiles, rail guns and cannons for long range combat…energy blades and blade rushes for melee!

  • Bonus Survival Mode lets you choose from an entire hangar of Battle Frames, and then you must battle endless waves of enemies with increasing power.

  • WARFRONT mode includes massive replayability with six unlimited mission modes including Base Defense, Interception, and Assassination. Six levels of pilot (including Legendary) and Battle Frame customization will keep you playing for hours more.

A chief inspiration for Project Nimbus: Complete Edition is anime, which is never a bad a thing, especially when it comes to giant robots. God knows I loved watching Gundam Wing and G Gundam on Cartoon Network’s Toonami back in the day. And crazy Evangelion is something everyone should be subjected to at least once in their life.

I’ll cross my fingers that both Project Nimbus and Daemon X Machina fulfill our dreams of crushing robot nemeses with reckless abandon.


John Friscia
Head Copy Editor for Enthusiast Gaming, Managing Editor at The Escapist. I'm a writer who loves Super Nintendo and Japanese role-playing games to an impractical degree. I really miss living in South Korea. And I'm developing the game Boss Saga!


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