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Square Enix has revealed Project Triangle Strategy at the Nintendo Direct, a game strikingly similar visually to Octopath Traveler, except it it is a strategy RPG with flavors like those of Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre — and it receives a demo on the Nintendo Switch eShop today. The game will launch in full in 2022. The demo is officially available now, but you can still check out the trailer below.

It is another “HD-2D” title like Octopath Traveler, meaning there are 2D sprites propped up three-dimensionally with attractive lighting filters applied. The protagonist of Project Triangle Strategy is Serenoa Wolffort, heir to House Wolffort, which itself screams the political intrigue that existed all over Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. Also very much in the vein of Ogre, you will be able to make decisions with powerful ramifications that involve “divergent paths” in the narrative, which in turn affect which characters join your party. Likewise, decisions that can affect the fates of whole nations will be determined via a vote, and you can collect information to sway relevant parties to vote a certain way.

The fact that the Project Triangle Strategy trailer describes the game as a “tactical RPG that will test the courage of your convictions” is an incredibly encouraging sign for the faithful that have been waiting for a new title like this from Square Enix for decades.

Let us know what you think about Square Enix revealing Project Triangle Strategy (and its demo) for Nintendo Switch!

Additional details are cued up at the relevant moment below.

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