Project Triangle Strategy Tomoya Asano Square Enix Artdink developer interview details Q&A game length 50 hours

Square Enix is making a lot of people happy with Project Triangle Strategy. It’s taking the HD-2D visual style of Octopath Traveler and combining it with the gameplay and political intrigue of Final Fantasy Tactics and especially Tactics Ogre, and it is in development at Square Enix and Artdink, with Bravely Default II‘s Tomoya Asano as a producer. Now, via Nintendo Everything translation, Asano has provided a few new small details in a Q&A about Project Triangle Strategy development.

Asano explained that working on Octopath Traveler and Bravely Default II got him thinking about narratives aimed more at adults, and though he didn’t elaborate on why, he decided a strategy RPG would be better than a regular RPG to continue exploring more mature stories. Project Triangle Strategy will ultimately have multiple endings and is targeting 50 hours of gameplay, but of course anticipated game lengths “never seems to turn out that way.” Multiple team members are drawing the game’s many characters, but Naoki Ikushima is doing all the design.

One more nugget of info Asano provided was a data breakdown of how players approached a specific situation in the Nintendo Switch eShop demo of Project Triangle Strategy. In the demo, you can choose whether to protect or give up a character named Roland, and as of March 2, the breakdown worked out roughly to the following:

  • Played both paths: 29%
  • Gave up Roland: 8%
  • Protected Roland: 58%

Final Fantasy Tactics may still be a no-show on Nintendo Switch, but Square Enix is making up for it with SaGa Frontier Remastered, Legend of Mana, and, yes, Project Triangle Strategy. (I am desperately hoping we hear more about that Live A Live US trademark eventually too.)


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