Playtronic have been hitting headlines over the weekend as they began to draw back the curtain on their spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, in Project Ukelele. Playtronic are an indie developer composed of numerous ex-RARE staffers who help create several N64-era masterpieces. As well as revealing the first official pieces of artwork for the as-yet-untitled platformer, the studio have released several wallpapers set to satiate your thirst for the title even more.


In the first pieces of artwork released by the studio over the weekend, two of the game’s characters have been revealed It remains unclear if these will be the two protagonists or if these are simply peripheral characters. Finally when interviewed, the studio revealed that they hope to release the game should the Kickstarter campaign scheduled, should prove unsuccessful.

What happens if the Kickstarter fails?

“We’ll carry on making the game and release it when it’s ready. But the Kickstarter will help us add many features and platform versions – not to mention cool swag – that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.”

Which platforms will you release on?

“The ones our fans tell us to! Fans of our past work are all over the place and it’d be a shame to leave anyone out and we’d really not do that! We’re GAME developers, not SHAME developers (Note for our editor Andy Robinson – let’s trademark that one).”

There you have it folks, if you want to see this game on the Wii U, you best hurry up and let the developer know.


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