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If you’re a fan of retro ’90s throwback first-person shooters like Ion Fury, then the odds are good you will be thrilled to hear Project Warlock is coming to Nintendo Switch. This FPS from developer Buckshot Software and publisher Crunching Koalas aims to revive the frenetic gameplay of not just classic Doom, but also fantasy-flavored Hexen, which you may remember from Nintendo 64. Along those lines, this game will offer character customization, weapon upgrades, and unlockable spells. But the most wild part is that the game’s creator, Jakub Cislo, started work on the game four years ago when he was 17.

Take a look at Project Warlock in action.

In total, Project Warlock offers 60 levels set amid five overarching domains, as well as 38 guns and eight spells. Customization comes in upgrading weapons and spells how you would like. There are also 62 music tracks to keep things fresh as you rip and tear and cast and electrify.

Project Warlock released on PC in December of last year to a positive critical reception, so save for an awful port job, there isn’t a lot to worry about here. The title will release for PlayStation 4 on June 9, Nintendo Switch on June 11, and Xbox One on June 12. It’s already available for preorder on the Switch eShop.

What do you think of the debut full-length title from Buckshot Software?

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