It seems like the information about this game is coming out thick and fast each week, sounds like its going to be huge…

Here are some newly confirmed characters

  • Sakura Wars: Erica and Gemini
  • Mugen Frontier Super Robot Wars: Nanbu Kaguya and Haken
  • Dynamite Deka: Bruno
  • Darkstalkers: Morrigan
  • Street Fighter: Chun-Li
  • Valkyrie no Bouken: Valkyrie
Here are some new details

Support Attacks: special attacks from party members
Use a Support Attack if another unit is in the vicinity (roughly 8 spaces) of your current unit
Support unit can perform a followup attack which can only be used once in battle
Cross Hit is comparable to Support Attacks
During a Support Attack, if the main unit and support unit strike the enemy simultaneously, you’ll trigger a Cross Hit move
Enemy freezes where the Cross Hit was executed

More easily perform combos after this happens
Monolith Soft confirmed as co-developer with Banpresto
Kouji Ishitani and Souichiro Morizumi are “Development Producer”
Namco Bandai’s Kensuke Tsukanaka is producing
Cross Active Battle System in the game
Battles are grid-based
Enter a battle scene when you attack an enemy on the grid map
Use the d-pad and A button to execute combos
Critical Hits: happens when you send an enemy into the air and connect your next attack before the enemy hits the ground

Each character can access 2-3 skills
Level up and you’ll gain additional skills (5-6)
Individual skills may have the ability to be powered-up
Encouraged to use as many of your skills as possible
Receive a bonus if all skills are used
Use multiple skills rather than using the same skill over and over
“XP” / “Cross Point” gauge shown in Famitsu
This gauge builds as you strike enemies
Use the gauge for special attacks and defensive moves on the maps
All units use the same gauge
Using one special move will deplete the gauge fully
Gauge can rise over 100%
Perform a Cross Hit and it’ll go up to 150%
Dev. team working on the game’s tempo; enemy attacks will be handled quickly so that control will return to you immediately.
Special cut-ins for when you use your special attacks on bosses
Battles will be fully voiced
Pre and post battle comments


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