Skyrim is an interesting title that is coming to the Switch. Bethesda isn’t a company that usually releases their titles on Nintendo platforms, so it was interesting to see that Skyrim was coming to the Nintendo Switch. Obviously this game has released on both last and current gen platforms, with the original and remastered edition, so it was going to be interesting to see how the Switch version ended up. Would it be a lazy port, or something that showcases the potential power of the Switch? From some footage that emerged today, it appears to be the latter.

YouTuber “Filip” got his hands on Skyrim for the Switch at Comic Con today, and managed to capture some footage of himself playing the game in handheld mode. According to Filip, the game was running at 720P, 30FPS, and there was minimal to no drops in terms of framerate. The footage is off-camera footage, but between his enthusiasm and watching the footage as well, it appears that Skyrim on the Switch could end up being a great version of the game. Check out the footage below!

Shawn Long
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