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We previously reported on the launch of the Kickstarter for Protodroid DeLTA, a game from solo developer Adam Kareem that aims to translate Mega Man X action into 3D in a way where Mega Man X7 failed. At that time, Nintendo Switch was planned as a Kickstarter stretch goal following the initial funding, but somewhere along the line, the plan changed: PC and Switch releases for the game were guaranteed if the game met its base funding goal. And it did meet that goal! At the time of writing, Protodroid DeLTA has raised over $23,000 from an initial funding goal of $20,000, and now it’s offering a few stretch goals with 19 days still left to go in the campaign.

The Scarlet Moon label will be contributing to the game soundtrack per stretch goals. Scarlet Moon hosts a wide range of musicians with credentials on major game releases like Metal Gear Solid 3, Mega Man Network Transmission, and Secret of Mana. In the case of Protodroid DeLTA, when it raises $25,000, artists Funk Fiction, Coda, and Stemage will contribute a music pack to the game. At $30,000, Dale North and Nauts will contribute a second music pack.

At $35,000, “Tribute Armor” with enhanced capabilities will be provided after beating the game, though this armor will only be provided to backers who pledge at the $35 Special Armors Pack tier at a minimum. Should all of these stretch goals be met, the page suggests that more will follow.

Are you more inclined to back Protodroid DeLTA now that a Switch release is a sure thing? If you want a 3D take on Mega Man X, your options are slim.


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