You don’t often associate Nintendo with horror games, but plenty of iconic spooky experiences have called Nintendo hardware home over the years. From Eternal Darkness on the Gamecube to Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water on the Wii U, there are some great horror exclusives in the Nintendo catalog. Third-party scary delights have been springing up on the most recent Nintendo platform aplenty, though, as horror hits like Little Nightmares and Layers of Fear find new homes on the hybrid handheld. Now, another indie horror gem joins them on the Nintendo Switch, as Paratopic from Baltoro Games and Arbitrary Metric is set to come to the Nintendo Switch eShop on August 21.


Paratopic is a horror game crafted in the unforgettable PlayStation 1 3D style. Chunky, three-dimensional pixels and blocky characters inhabit a solemn and spooky world as you spend just about an hour exploring the perspectives of three different characters and seeing how their fates intertwine. There’s just as much classic charm in the audio too, thanks to the moody and ambient soundtrack. Modern production techniques are blended with outdated ones, mixing the glitched sounds and tinny texture of PlayStation 1 audio with modern sampling and synthesis for a haunting score.



Miguel Moran
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